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Local SEO is critical to your business. Get started with Front Design’s Local SEO services today.

Whether you run a retail shop, a hair salon, a training institute or any other local business, you need Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. Today, businesses have realized that four out of every five potential customers find them through Google search. Not only do they look for services through a query like ‘find [insert business] near me’, but they also make a purchasing decision on the basis of a business’ service description, customer reviews, images and other such factors.

We say ‘Google search’, because that is the only search engine that matters. It gives you all the features, such as location, direct contact, credible rating and reviews, not to mention Google’s unmatched recommendation algorithms, which no intermediary search site or any other search engine can offer.

However, a business listing, by itself, on Google or Google business won’t help you make the most of its search prowess.

Front Design’s Local SEO services help you unlock the full potential of Google search in the following ways:

Local SEO analytics

Front Design provides a competition and market analysis report that gives you an in-depth view of;

  • Completing a market analysis of your service areas Where your business listing stands vis-à-vis that of your competitors How local SEO can help your outperform your competition
  • What are all the search keyword you should be using and
  • What are all the business opportunities that you can realize with local SEO services.

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Maximize your Website Content’s Local SEO Value

Front Design provides you with;

  • An exhaustive list of search keywords that your potential customers are using
  • We do a content audit of your website
  • Add the right keywords to your content
  • Add backlinks to help improve your local business listings and search rankings.

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Manage Google My Business Page and Customer Review Responsiveness

We help you maximize the impact of your Google My Business Page, and if you don’t have one;

  • We help you create the page with the right Google Maps listing
  • We work with you to ensure that you make the best use of online customer reviews – the most
    powerful feature of a Google listing-in terms of responsiveness to reviews
  • Recommending improvements on the basis of customer feedback.

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Your Local SEO Campaign Tracking

Our Local SEO services go beyond maximizing the performance of your business listing – we also provide tracking and monitoring services to see that your SEO campaign maintains its lead and continues to provide you with a steady stream of potential leads.